About Us

We are passionate storytellers who believe everyone deserves to tell their own narrative. Share their voice. Express their truth. Their way.

There’s only one way more of us will preserve our history. Our culture, traditions, thoughts, attitudes and emotions. That is by building more storytellers who can bridge borders and defy time. And that’s what Kind Seminars aims to do.

We aim to build a community of like-minded creators who can connect and collaborate on the regular while having continuous opportunities to learn from established teachers as well as each other. Whether you’re a complete beginner to storytelling and filmmaking, or want to continue building on your experience, we hope that you find this space invigorating.

Upcoming Seminars

Watch this space for the upcoming seminar announcement.

Previous Seminars

Foundations of Storytelling Seminar Highlights

About the Seminar

We’re thrilled to have hosted a number of successful Foundations of Storytelling seminars, that were attended by talented storytellers from various production houses, media companies and advertising agencies. We love enabling connections and inspiring discussions.

Community Events

Upcoming Events

Watch this space for the upcoming community event announcement which will be shared in October.

Previous Events

Meet Jason T. Clark Event Highlights

We’re extremely thrilled that we had the opportunity of hosting a live Q&A with the very inspiring Hollywood Art Director Jason T Clark who flew in from LA to share some of his exciting adventures with Dubai’s filmmakers at Almarmoom Film in the Desert Festival.

We’re grateful to Dubai Culture as well as Room Five Creative Facility, for partnering with us to facilitate this session.

Meet Malik Vitthal Event Highlights

We believe that it’s crucial for artists to continuously connect, learn from the experts, and have inspiring experiences, and that’s what we aspire to achieve with our community events.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the Meet Malik Vitthal event, where Dubai’s filmmakers got to meet Hollywood’s Sundance Film Festival award-winning director and ask him questions. It’s safe to say that it was filled with enlightening discussions all around.