About Us

We are passionate storytellers who believe everyone deserves to tell their own narrative. Share their voice. Express their truth. Their way.

There’s only one way more of us will preserve our history. Our culture, traditions, thoughts, attitudes and emotions. That is by building more storytellers who can bridge borders and defy time. And that’s what Kind Seminars aims to do.

We aim to build a community of like-minded creators who can connect and collaborate on the regular while having continuous opportunities to learn from established teachers as well as each other. Whether you’re a complete beginner to storytelling and filmmaking, or want to continue building on your experience, we hope that you find this space invigorating.

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Foundations of Filmmaking

About the Seminar

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Switch off your devices and activate your creative side, as we dive into what it means to make memorable films in this intensive 2-day seminar.

Filmmaking is one of the most complex art forms, with numerous moving parts that need to work together to make one memorable motion picture. The more intimately you understand each part, the more likely you are to create a masterpiece film.

This seminar will help both beginners and intermediate-level filmmakers gain a deeper understanding of the many moving parts of filmmaking.

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What the Seminar Covers

Coming up with original ideas

Designing compelling stories

An overview of the full filmmaking process

Introduction to film’s moving parts - screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, acting and editing

Global and local case studies

Q&A with Mo

Actionable takeaways and exercises

About the Instructor

Mohammed Mamdouh (Mo) is a multidisciplinary and award-winning storyteller. When he was 8 years old, Mo watched Titanic, and became a child who’s forever changed. He had an epiphany as he realized that behind the monumental, grand-scale motion picture were people who made it, and decided that this is what he wants to do when he grows up. At 16, Mo made his first short, and he’s been making films since.

With over 17 years of filmmaking experience globally and in the UAE, Mo is now a devoted storytelling and filmmaking educator. Having earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in the United States, as well as acquired knowledge from some of the greatest in the industry over the years, such as James Cameron and Robert McKee, Mo became a Professor of Film and Multi-Media at the American University of Sharjah, and also been invited to speak across various universities and entities including NYU Abu Dhabi, Higher Colleges of Technology and ITP Media Group.


What sets Mo apart as an educator is his genuine and contagious passion that is felt in any conversation about film, any day.

Why this seminar?

Learn from a passionate filmmaker with over 17 years of experience.

Gain insights from some of the most successful global case studies to date.

Form an understanding of the local and regional film industry.

Takeaway actionable next steps that pave your path to mastering filmmaking.

Build connections with a community of like-minded creators

Lookout for potential surprise talks by some of the region’s established filmmakers.


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Previous Seminars

Foundations of Storytelling

About the Seminar

In the August Foundations of Storytelling seminar, we are so thrilled to have hosted a curious and talented group of storytellers who joined us from many different industries including business management, finance, marketing, journalism, PR, mental health, energy healing and wellness, health sciences and of course film. Seeing the seamless synergies between the professionals from completely careers is exactly what we thrive on. Special thanks to Alex Hutley, Partner at Enhance Innovation Venture Studios, and brand strategist with over 15 years of experience in telling impactful brand stories, for joining us as a surprise guest speaker.

Community Events

Upcoming Events

Meet Malik Vitthal

Meet Hollywood’s Sundance Film Festival award-winning director Malik Vitthal virtually and ask him questions, after the screening of one of his breathtaking feature films.

Build new connections in the local film community and have meaningful discussions, while jamming to inspiring film tunes and nibbling on delicious bites.

Hope to see you there!

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    Upcoming Events

    Watch this space for the upcoming community event announcement which will be shared in August.

    Previous Events

    Kind Seminars Launch Event Highlights

    We’re thrilled to have shared the Kind Seminars story and vision with a passionate and diverse group of both aspiring and established storytellers and filmmakers, in an evening filled with insightful conversations, breathtaking live jazz, a mesmerizing classic film screening, and most importantly, a surprise Q&A with David Armstrong, Hollywood director and the cinematographer of the Saw film franchise.